A sharp picture of the current condition of structures, buildings, masts, etc.

Drone inspection is used to view high structures, hard-to-reach places and masts swiftly, easily and safely.

Conducting an inspection at height is not always a simple and certainly not a safe task. A drone allows you to check all your installations, buildings and high structures safely, quickly and without endangering human lives. The savings achieved by having an inspection carried out by a drone should not be underestimated either. Once the inspection has been conducted, you will get a clear view of the situation!

It would be impossible to conduct inspections without drones nowadays. Since people don’t have to be deployed at great heights and the use of helicopters is no longer necessary, they make sure risks and costs are minimised. By nature very agile, a drone can fly both low and very high to inspect your installations efficiently.
We complete inspections switftly and with great accuracy. If you so wish, we can carry out 3D inspections as well.

As a VCA supervisor, safety is always top of my mind and I follow to the letter the extremely strict regulations imposed on drone pilots. Safety always comes first.

Inspection drones can be used for:

  • Wind turbines

  • Oils and gas installations

  • High voltage lines

  • Cooling tower installations

  • Port infrastructure

  • Offshore drilling platforms

  • Bridges

  • Monuments

  • Buildings

  • Solar panels

  • Forests and nature

Agriculture, horticulture and forestry

Manage your fields and forests more efficiently by keeping a close eye on everything that grows and blooms.

Drones are the ideal solution for agriculture, horticulture and forestry application as they can visualize large areas. By allowing the grower to perfectly inspect crops without having to actually walk in the fields and risking damaging young shoots, drones are an excellent partner for the farmer.

Damage by animals, insufficiently fertilized areas … everything can be visualized and analyzed by a drone using the latest IT technologies.

  • Surveying of agricultural areas

  • Analysis of crop growth

  • Check for the presence of animals

  • Detection of unwanted plantations

Human and environment friendly

The use of drones contributes to more efficient farming: precise deployment of spraying systems, accurate assessment of seed quantities, and efficient crop growing methods.


Map the world in an instant!

With a drone you can quickly and accurately map out agricultural land, production sites or other large areas. Everything can be displayed in 3D model to produce a true picture of the surrounding areas.

State-of-the-art drone technologies are capable of producing an extremely accurate image of any surface. Topographic images captured by a drone can be converted very quickly into 2D maps or 3D models. All this with a very high accuracy.

In addition to visualizing surfaces, the latest IT software also enables us to measure volumes such as sand deposits, floods, earthworks, and so on. (Hidden) obstacles and incidents are also revealed quickly. In case of damage, drone imaging is a highly efficient way for you to carry out measurements which are crucial to your claim file.

Drone photogrammetry is the perfect solution to map out large areas. It provides you with an instant, extensive and accurate overview of the surroundings and any damage that may have occurred there.

  • Land surveying, topometry, geometry

  • Agricultural land

  • Building sector

  • 3D modeling

  • Up-to-date mapping

  • Valuations

  • Insurance

Photography and film capture

Aerial photography: a simple and original way to show your business installations!
Drone technology captures stunning images from the air

Drones have given aerial photography a new lease of life. Photographing or filming your company, site, … has never been easier. The deployment of drones with highly maneuverable cameras provides you with almost endless possibilities. In addition to its maneuverability, efficiency, accuracy and speed, a drone ends up being a much cheaper solution than flying a helicopter, as used to be the case.

  • Corporate video

  • Themed video

  • Advertising and promotional video

  • Real estate and real estate offices

I always work with professional photographer Leen Wouters when shooting images and videos from drones. With 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, she is an expert in her field, which is definitely a plus when dealing with these new technologies!

Photography and film making have reached new heights! In addition to photography and video projects, Leen Wouters will be happy to assist you with any creative challenge you may have.